Avoid the CA Fair Plan With Free Fire Zone Inspections for Homeowner’s Insurance Qualification

Avoid the CA Fair Plan With Free Fire Zone Inspections for Homeowner’s Insurance Qualification

As the California wildfire season approaches, the need for careful preventive measures increases, especially after rainy winters have produced lush springtime greenery that will dry out in the hot summer months. One important way to be prepared is by getting adequate homeowner’s insurance from CA Fair Plan or other carriers, but obtaining it is not always an easy process.

Coverage Depends on Inspection

Homeowners in brush zones or other high risk areas are often required to have an inspection done to make sure the property meets certain conditions before issuing or renewing a policy. According to experts at Free Fire Zone Inspections, these requirements may include

  • Having a roof that is not made with wood and maintaining it in good condition
  • Keeping shrubs or plants that are dead, dying or dry at least 30 feet away from the home
  • Keeping 15 feet of clearance between the home and any tree branches
  • Ensuring brush is cleared within 100 feet of the property
  • Making sure any combustible materials such as trellises, playgrounds or fences are at least 30 feet away from the home
  • Having gutters, chimneys, vents, eaves and overhangs that are made of non-combustible material

As specialists have explained, many homeowner’s insurance policies simply will not cover homes within some high risk areas or brushzones, even if their property is compliant with all the qualifications. In the past, residents have been left with no choice but the CA Fair Plan, which by the carrier’s own admission is a last resort.

Free Inspections From Brush Zone Specialists

Luckily, there are now more options available to California residents who need help getting connected to homeowner’s insurance. Free assessments and help with pre-qualification are available from industry experts at Free Fire Zone Inspections. Their goal is to connect property owners with great insurance by sending qualified specialists to check the property and then linking the homeowner to suitable carriers that will cover their home. More information is available here.

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