July 2016 Sand Fire: Damaged Homes & What’s to Come in 2017

FILE – In this Aug. 3, 2015, file photo CalFire firefighter Bo Santiago lights a backfire as the Rocky fire burns near Clearlake, Calif. A new study says dying wildlife, bigger wildfires and drying-up farm towns will be the biggest crises if California’s four-year drought continues. A report released overnight Wednesday to Thursday, Aug. 20, by the Public Policy Institute of California non-profit think-tank sketches that picture of California in 2016, and 2017, if the state’s driest four years on record stretches into a fifth, or sixth, year of drought. (AP Photo/Josh Edelson, File)

July 2016 Sand Fire: Damaged Homes & What’s to Come in 2017              

In July of 2016, wildfires ripped through the Angeles National Forest of Southern California. They originated in Sand Canyon and were referred to as the Sand Fires by local news media. 10,000 homes were evacuated and nearly 40,000 acres were burned before crews contained the danger.

18 structures were lost and one person was killed during this crisis. Although the threat was stopped in 2016, more wildfires are certain to threaten the region again in the future. Home inspections are a critical step in safety preparedness going forward in 2017

Living in A Region Prone to Wildfires

The characteristics that define the region have not changed. There are four reasons why the fire was so destructive in the first place:

  • Dry climate with high winds that can fan a fire and cause it to spread
  • Open terrain with few geographical barriers to a fire
  • Abundance of dry grasses and chaparral brush that grows quickly and provides fuel for fires
  • Difficulty getting water to the places where fire prevention crews are working

Safety preparedness begins with recognizing these facts and developing strategies to deal with them. Old habits must change, but many do not know where to begin. Home inspections are available at no cost to residents through Free Fire Zone Inspections. Schedule your consultation today.

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